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On one of our first dates

Ross and Sue met 13 years ago on a ski lift at Copper Mountain, Colorado. In so many ways that symbolizes their relationship. Loving adventure, being on the move and enjoying the great outdoors. Our dating situation was a bit different than most because Ross lived in Australia and Sue lived in Colorado. To make a long story short they spent 3 months in Australia traveling in an old pop-up camper. That was Sue’s first experience really camping and it was an amazing time. One of the main things that we learned was that if we could live in a “glorified tent” for 3 months together, we were meant for each other.

The Pop-up and gear in Australia
The Pop-up and gear in Australia

After we got married and had a pop-up camper in the US for a few years we went to a RV show and steppen inside an Airstream. The rest was history. We both knew that was what we wanted, and set our goals on getting one.

Along with the desire to travel and spend more time in the outdoors is Sue’s love of painting. Sue has been painting for over 25 years and has explored both watercolor and acrylics. Her desire to take her paintings outside instead of in the studio is a perfect combination with the travels in the Airstream. And so The Streaming Artist was born.

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