Steamboat Springs, Jackson Hole and Park City

2/15/23 – 3/10/23

We have been on the road now for about 3 weeks and it has been an interesting, and at points a challenging winter trip. It certainly has been the longest cold spell we had done in the airstream.  We began with a week in Steamboat Springs, CO.  It is a destination that we are familiar with since I have painted in their Plein Air Festival the last 2 years.  It has been a record snowfall year for most of the West, and it was evident in the campgrounds with the piles of snow everywhere.  Our camp spot had about 8 feet of snow piled up in it and the first location that we were assigned had so much snow that we could not fit in the spot.  Eventually we got parked and set up in fairly nice temperatures, but that was the last of the “warmth” for a while. 

The week was extremely cold and windy.  How cold you might ask? Well, we had temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. It did create some interesting window art with this being my favorite.

Window art created by the cold temps.

We skied, but the conditions were not ideal and one day the mountain was actually shut down due to the low wind chill temperatures and a broken watermain at the top of the mountain.  We had friends who were also skiing at Steamboat, so we saw them briefly to make a few ski turns and walk around town. 

I was able to stop by the Steamboat Art Museum to see their current exhibit and chat with the staff who I now know from the past couple of years.  I also got signed up for the 2023 Steamboat Springs Plein Air Festival which is one of my favorites! I did walk around town and went to visit one of my favorite painting spots to paint this painting.

Winter in Steamboat

We were fortunate that on our scheduled travel day to Jackson, WY we had nice weather and were able to make the drive without having to deal with snow.  But once again we arrived at the campground and there was so much snow that it made it very difficult to find a spot that we could fit in.  But eventually we succeeded. 

The temperatures here were frigid and windy as well.  Our first morning, we arrived at the ski mountain to find that the ski lifts were all on a delayed start due to the wind.  The lines were horrific, so we decided to make ourselves comfortable at the Four Seasons lobby while we enjoyed a cup of coffee.  After an hour or so the mountain opened, and we head out.  We had some good skiing but never really were able to see the whole mountain since we were clouded in most days.

We did spend some time walking around town and visiting the art galleries including a great coffee shop/bakery.  Jackson is a charming old western town with some great old architecture. The quality of art was tremendous (as were the price tags!).  We saw one painting that was priced at $100,000.  I might need to raise my prices 😊.

Jackson also had some fabulous off leash dog walks and cross country ski areas that we took advantage of which Buddy was thrilled to partake in as well.

The cold temperatures were definitely taking a toll on us, and we were so happy on our departure/travel day to have sunny warmer temperatures (but still below freezing) as we headed towards Park City, UT.  The drive from Jackson to Park City was beautiful and made me want to try and capture it in paint for part of my “On the Road” series.  I was very happy with the effects of the watercolors because I could capture the depth of the landscape with the mountains in the background receding as well as the coldness of the landscape. I posted it on Instagram (@SueCableArt) and was thrilled when it was purchased on the first day.

Our stay in Park City was a highlight of our trip. The snow gods blessed us with fresh snow every day and with warmer temperatures, the skiing was some of the best that we have ever enjoyed.  We didn’t have a lot of blue skies to enjoy the views, but it was worth it for all the fresh powder skiing.

An added extra bonus of being in Park City was that we have friends who live there and another who flew in from California to join us. It was such a fun social week with great skiing that we decided to change our plans and stay an extra week. One morning we walked around the old historic section of Park City which is really charming.

I also had a birthday during this part of the trip, and it was very special to spend it with some old and new friends! 

Because we were able to stay in place for almost 2 weeks it also gave me some time to paint.  Before we left on this trip, I had completed an acrylic painting of a scene of trees and pedestrians with some dappled light. I was happy with the result but wanted to see how it would turn out if I painted it in watercolor. I frequently struggle with which is my favorite medium, so it is fun to experiment with each and see how the viewer reacts.  So during my time in Park City, I was able to recreate the painting in watercolor.  Which do you prefer?

After our last morning of skiing at Park City, we decided to stop for a cup of coffee and a croissant (Ross’ favorite thing). As we walked in the front entry I was stopped in my tracks to see Derek Hough standing there. If you are a Dancing with the Stars fan, you will know who he is. I have always admired his choreography and dance skills. We ended up chatting with Derek and his father for a while and it was a great way to end this portion of the trip.

We left Park City just as the weather was changing and spring break was starting. We decided to head south to see a few parks that have been on our bucket list and get out of the cold. We will continue the blog after that part of the adventure.

6 Comments on “Steamboat Springs, Jackson Hole and Park City

  1. Fun adventures as always! That was a ton of snow! My fav part is Derek!!!! I’m starstruck🤩



  2. Great update! You deserve a special award for Adventure Skiing. I prefer the painting with the person wearing a red jacket. Travel safely and enjoy each day as this will be a trip you always remember.


  3. Love the post and, I too, think Derek is an amazing, unbelievable dancer. I want to visit Park City, never been. Also, I think the first painting is better in richness of colors and shadows. See ya soon!


    • Thanks Terese for your comments. You would absolutely love skiing at Park City. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.


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