The Final Stretch

3/23 to 3/31


On our drive from Ketchum, Idaho to Ogden, Utah we drove through some amazing farmland and great vistas.  It dawned on me as I sat staring out the window that I should create a new painting series called “From the Road” so that I can share the scenes that we drive through.   The first painting is called “Infinity” and caught my eye because of the vast, uninhabitable empty land with a few simple clouds.  On some days the roads seem to go on forever with nothing in sight which always surprises me after seeing how dense some of our cities can be.

The second painting is called “On the Road to Taos” and is from a previous trip, but I loved the curve of the road, the cars on the road and the snow-capped mountains, drawing me into the distance.

On the Road to Taos

We arrived in Ogden, Utah to some beautiful warm weather which makes for great camping but not great skiing.  We enjoyed opening all the windows, being able to sit outside and barbeque our dinners.  We spent two days skiing at Snow Basin which is another destination on Ross’s wish list. The Men’s and Women’s 2002 Olympic downhill were held at Snow Basin.  Snow Basin is a smaller and less well known ski resort compared to other Utah ski resort, but results in less crowds and very easy access to the ski lifts.  The restaurants and lodges on the mountain were beautiful and as I dubbed them, “dated posh décor”.   The skiing was okay, but we felt there were a lot of blue groomers and then lots of steep extreme skiing with not much between the two.  We did take the gondola to the top where the Olympic races were held and normally would have skied those runs but the snow conditions weren’t great, so we took the safer way down.

The temperatures continued to rise and were unseasonably warm, so we decided to end the skiing portion of this trip and move on to some golfing.  We left Ogden, Utah, made a quick stop in Park City to say hi to a friend and get Buddy his annual Park City toy.

We continued on to Green River State Park in Utah.  Green River was an easy stop over location that we ended up turning into a 3 night stay so that we could enjoy the warm temperatures and play two days of golf.  The morning light was beautiful and gave me some opportunities to take some great photos for future paintings. The golf course was located right next to the campground which made it super convenient and fun.  In the mornings we played golf and in the afternoon I painted. 

We had 4 nights before we needed to head for home, and with a snowy weather forecast on the radar, we decided to get over a few mountain passes before the storm.

We decided to stay at Chatfield State Park just south of Denver.  It was a beautiful place to camp with a large lake, walking trails and nice spacious camping spots.  From Chatfield State Park, our last 2 nights would be at the Clear Creek RV park Golden, CO. We love this RV park because there are some great trails that we can walk to as well as the ability to see friends and play some more golf. 

I had some time in the last 4 days to paint one more painting for the From the Road series called Highway 95.  Again this was a photo from a previous trip,  but I loved the depth  and layering of the plateaus and bareness of the landscape.

Highway 95

After 4915 miles, 46 days, 8 ski resorts and 8 states our wonderful winter journey came to an end. Let me know what you think of this series of paintings and if it intrigues you.  Are there any views from the road that you love in particular?

4 Comments on “The Final Stretch

  1. On the Road to Taos has a lifelike feel to the twists and turns of the highway as it weaves through the hills and valleys. I really like that


    • Thank you Tom for being such a faithful reader and for always sharing your feedback! I really appreciate that and it is always great to hear what resonates with others.


  2. I loved the picture on the Road to Taos. There is so much promise in it. You can dream what comes next. That the world is wide ope to you. I loved your whole series. You know how to live and I now know how beautiful America is.


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