Escaping the house and getting back to Nature

After being stuck at home like everyone else for way too long, we decided to take the Airstream out and meet some friends for a socially distant camp get together.  Finding a camp location with availability for 3 RVs was impossible. Thankfully a friend told me about a website called HipCamp in which people who own large plots of land allow you to pay to camp on their land.  Off we went to the Twisted Sisters 60 Acre lot in Florissant, CO.  This trip was not about a destination like most of our trips, but all about some good quality social time and emotional rejuvenation.

I can’t even tell you how great it felt to be out of “civilization” and to be surrounded by good friends and the great outdoors.  It was fantastic to be away from TV and the news, and to pretend that there wasn’t drama going on all around the world.  We had some great conversations, meals, dance parties and hikes as well as getting in some painting time.

Our very first evening while we sat and had drinks and dinner, the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful vista so I jumped up and painted an impressionistic sunset.  I captured the feeling but I knew it could use some refinement.  The first photo shows what I did out in “Plein Air” and the second photo shows the same painting with a few alterations made at home. 

On our full day in Florissant we went for a walk into town which had a few cute buildings but not much more. We then hiked up the mountain behind our campsite to get a little more exercise and to see the view.  Just as we were descending  a huge thunderstorm rolled in to add a little bit of drama to the campsite.  The rain broke conveniently in time for happy hour and a dance party.  Our evening sitting around our campfire sharing stories was exactly what I needed to feel some deep connection which I have been missing.

I awoke the next morning early and went outside to beautiful lighting in the small aspen grove behind our Airstream. I started off this painting with my new technique using a layer of vibrant colors as a base layer. After letting it dry for a few minutes I then painted over it and scraped through to let some of those colors come through. 

Morning Light

Before heading out that afternoon to return to Boulder we made a fast trip to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.  We hiked into the monument, and enjoyed the scenery and cloud formations which were amazing.  This area is known for its petrified redwood forest remnants which occurred do to volcanic flow 34 million years ago.  The volcanic lava covered about 15 feet deep of the base of the redwoods and now after erosion the petrified wood can be seen.  In some of these pine trees are growing out of these old redwood trunks.

It was a short sweet and much needed trip!  We are looking to a few more in the near future.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

One Comment on “Escaping the house and getting back to Nature

  1. I really like “Morning Light”.

    See – this time I was able to look. 🙂



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