Prepping for a 3 week trip

Ross and I are very excited to have hit the road again and have been busy prepping for a 3 week trip through various climate zones.  This might just be what I envision to be a perfect road trip since we are hoping to go skiing, golfing, biking, hiking and of course do some painting.  Anyone who knows me/us knows that that mixture of activities pretty much is perfection.  Ross would probably add in some surfing which we are hoping will happen this fall. 

Ross and I have found that we prefer the simpler life with less “things” and more experiences and perhaps that is why we love the RVing experience so much.  You can only pack so much stuff, and life is simpler in a lot of ways on the road and more complicated than others when there are RV issues.  Prepping for this trip though has forced us to make a few purchases which I thought I’d share with you.  If you are an RV’er some of these items might interest you and the other items are for those more interested in the art/painting side of life.

RV Items

Ross and I have joined a newer RV club called Harvest Host ( which will allow us to stay for one night at various farms, wineries, golf clubs and museums around the US.  The idea is that we can stay at select locations for free with our membership in exchange for us buying something from each location.  We love the concept of staying at these locations and have a personal experience with the owners of each.  On this trip we are hoping to stay at an Alpaca Farm and several golf courses. We will share more about each experience in our upcoming blog posts.

Since we will be traveling through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico we will have many different climates and therefore a variety of outdoor adventures.  In order take more gear, we have purchased a Thule Cargo Box that mounts to the top of Ross’ truck bed so that we can now fit two bikes and store our skis and golf clubs in the box.  It will be our first trip carrying this much equipment so that should be interesting.

Ross with all our “stuff:

Making up a bed at home or in an RV is not my favorite thing to do.  I recently met an entrepreneur who has a bedding business which helps solve the problem of putting on the fitted sheets and having it stay in place, as well as a duvet cover that is easy to put the down blanket inside.  She had recently started an RV line of sheets as well (since the mattress’ are slightly smaller and it is harder to make up the bed when you are squeezed against a wall) and kindly gave me a set of sheets and a duvet cover to try out.  Well Ross (who is very particular about his bedding) loved the feel and quality of the sheets as well as the ease of making up the bed.  We love these so much that we are going to buy them for the house as well.  If you are at all interested you should check out and you can use the coupon code of 15RV to get 15% off. That code is good for RV sheets as well as sheets for your home.   Now that I have these sheets I hope I never have to wrestle with putting on a fitted sheet again or putting the duvet cover back together after washing it.

Another product the we purchased (which Ross is more excited about than I am) is an air compressor so that we can pump up our tires (truck, bike and RV) wherever we are.  RV’s have a higher risk of blowouts, and since we plan on trying to get off the grid a fair amount it will hopefully give us a little peace of mind that should we get a flat or lower tire pressure we are prepared.

Art Items

Lately I have been focusing more on my watercolors than acrylics which means that I needed a little bit better set up for traveling with that painting medium.  I recently order a collapsible light weight stool so that I can sit and paint (which is my preference with watercolors).  Additionally, I ordered a very compact painting palette that contains my paints, space to mix paints as well as two water wells to clean my brushes.  Both items are very compact and fit into my travel backpack for plein air painting (painting outside on location).  Part of the challenge of Plein Air Painting is that often the view you want to paint is not right next to the road.  So that means walking into a location with all my supplies and setting up to paint as quickly and easily as possible.  I will post photos on our next blog of my set up with the new stool, palette and backpack.

A second challenge of plein air painting is that you can only carry a limited number of paints with you.  Additionally the lighting can change quickly so you need to be able to mix a variety of colors with a limited number of paints as well as mix them quickly.  So I have chosen which paint colors I will be traveling with (based on what I am assuming will be the colors of the landscape in places we are going to) and made a chart of some of the colors mixes that I can make with the 11 colors plus white.  In this photo you can see that even with a limited color paint palette there is a huge range of colors that can be mixed.  This is an exercise that I recommend anybody who is interested in painting do with the colors that they have.  It is a great way to learn what colors are made when mixing paints as well as how to adjust the color if you want something different.  If you are interested in learning more about this please feel free to reach out to me.

Well that about does it.  We will be writing more from the road soon. Happy Holidays from the two of us and Buddy!

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