Boulder, Colorado Art

Springtime at Sanitas

Ross and I have stayed in place the last few months which has allowed me to focus a bit on my art and work on a series that I have called “My Dog Walk Series”.  These painting are all inspired by hikes that I have done while out on the trails with our dog Buddy.  Where it seemed appropriate, I have been putting Buddy in the paintings, so make sure you look for a glimpse of him periodically.  All of these paintings have been watercolor which has really brought back my love for this medium.  I initially started painting in watercolors back in the 1990’s and eventually added in acrylic paints to explore a bit more of the abstract side of art. 

Watercolors require a bit more planning than other mediums since they are generally painted from light colors to dark colors and to make substantial changes is a bit more difficult.  In some circumstances I have used Gouache medium (which is like a cross between watercolor and acrylic) so that I can add a lighter color over a darker color. 

Peaceful Wonderland Lake

What I like most about watercolors is how colors interact with each other when they are wet and the sometimes unexpected result that occurs when the wet paint bleeds into the other colors.  Frequently a beautiful unexpected surprise will surface after the paint dries.

Fall Grasses

Another benefit of using watercolors is the subtlety and softness of color.  I am able to control the vibrancy of color by adjusting the amount of water added.  Softening the color provides great depth perception in a painting.

Glowing Morning

Compositionally I have really liked how the hiking path helps the viewer draw their eye farther back into the painting.

If you live locally, I invite you to come see these newest paintings as well as some of previous work on November 15th from 4-7pm and November 16th from 1-5pm at 2490 Grape Ave, Boulder CO (or by appointment).  

Until the next time……Keep seeing the beauty in all things!

3 Comments on “Boulder, Colorado Art

  1. I loved seeing and reading about your dog walk series and especially how you go into explaining a bit about your art and painting in general. I’m not sure you always realize what a gift you have and sharing it with those of us who do not have that gift is very enjoyable to us. 🙂


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