St. Vrain State Park

September 5-8

The last few days have been a bit of a staycation since we wanted to get away but Ross also needed to work.  So it gave us an opportunity to camp at a local state park about 40 minutes from home. It is amazing how just a quick trip away from our home makes both of us a bit calmer and appreciate the simpler things in life.  We are continuously amazed at how simple and easy our life is in such a small comfortable space.  We don’t really need much more than this.

Buddy and Ross enjoying their morning snooze.

Our first day at St. Vrain State Park was a really hot one.  So we quickly set up and got the air conditioner running.  It was the first time that we had both A/C units running and it was needed.  It was 98 degrees outside but soon was comfortable on the inside.  Ross had some appointments that he needed to go to in the afternoon, so Buddy and I spent the afternoon reading, catching up on emails and phone calls.  Fortunately some cloud cover and rain showers came in and things cooled down slightly in the afternoon. When Ross returned, we all went out for a walk around one of the many lakes.  The views were beautiful with the light reflecting on the lakes, amazing abundance of bird watching and views of the mountains to the west.

Because we were only about 15 minutes to old town Longmont we met some friends for dinner and had a really nice night out.  But first we stopped at the local library (one of Ross’ favorite things to do…… and partially how we judge towns) to pick up a few DVDs to watch in the airstream.  After all this is glamping! Camping near civilization certainly changes the whole dynamics.

Ross needed to be at work early the next morning so Buddy and I got up and had a beautiful walk around Pelican Lake and a few other ponds.  It was beautiful but the mosquitos there were unbelievable.  Definitely one of the huge drawbacks of this campsites since mosquitos absolutely love me. 

I had intentions of painting outside but after being bitten a few times I realized that there was no way it was going to happen.  Instead I painted inside and made a birthday card for Ross of two of his favorite things and his preferred way to start his birthday (which was the next day).  I’m not one for doing a lot of still lives but I did enjoy painting the Croissant and  Coffee. 

Croissant and Coffee – a great way to start the day!

The next morning was our ritual birthday celebration for Ross.  We had hoped to play some golf as well, but we couldn’t get a morning tee time, and it was going to be another hot day so afternoon golf was not as appealing. 

Looking a little sleepy but very happy.

We decided to drive to Loveland to see the Benson Sculpture Garden.  I had heard about it for years but sadly had never been before.  What an amazing find!  Both of us were so impressed at the quality of work and the quantity as well. Each sculpture was place well in a beautiful garden setting.  This sculpture park is considered one of the most unique in the US and is well worth the visit.  We spent two hours walking through it and did not see everything.  It will be on the list of places to stop next time we are heading north out of town and need a break.  Here are a few of our favorites.

The afternoon was spent with a little bit of real estate work (yup I still need to pay the bills), and painting.  Ross read while I painted from a photo that I took the previous day.

Pelican Lake

That evening we barbequed and then watched our movies.  It was a pleasant and relaxing getaway.

The Airstream and ourselves will now be parked for a few months so I won’t be blogging about any exciting adventures, but I will try and periodically post paintings from our past trips and more. Enjoy the fall season and we hope to be back on the road in November.

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