Skiing in Utah

Big Smiles on a new mountain

We departed Boulder on a beautiful spring like day and drove north to Wyoming. One of the quickest ways to get from Boulder to the Salt Lake City area of Utah is through Wyoming. While driving we discovered some beautiful areas that we will need to explore in the future. We had heard about Vedauwoo and as we drove past we could see why.  It will definitely be on our radar for a future short trip since it is not far from home.  We ended up spending the night at Rock Springs, Wyoming. We had no expectations, and it was really only a place to sleep.  However, while checking in we grabbed a booklet on things to do in the area and were pleasantly surprised to read about the Flaming Gorge nearby. We considered changing our plans to stay an extra day but instead will save it for another time when coming through in the future. 

We pushed on and got to Park City, Utah.  After setting up (which is starting to get a little easier and whole lot faster) we headed out for a long walk.  The area is beautiful, and the town and its buildings are done well and it feels pretty inviting. Our camper that we thought was big, felt dwarfed though by our neighbors. The one RV next to us had 10 foot ceilings, 2 bathrooms, a fireplace, laundry and a full size french door refrigerator etc.

Look how small we are!

We woke up to rain/snow showers which fortunately turned to snow showers as we headed up the hill to Deer Valley for a ski day.  We were blessed with some fresh powder and some great skiing with variable visibility.  Deer Valley has a reputation of being one of the best ski resorts in America and it did not disappoint in regards to customer service. It limits the number of skiers per day, also does not allow snow boarders which I did appreciate (sorry all you snowboarders!).  Their buildings are beautiful, and they have a few niceties like complimentary overnight ski/pole storage. For anyone who skies, they can appreciate that the biggest hassle of skiing is lugging your gear from the car to the lifts.

We left Buddy in Airsteam for the first time for 4+ hours and he did great.  We continue to be so thankful that he is such a good dog and happy to just be traveling with us.  He probably is thinking that traveling with us is fantastic.  He is getting 2 great walks a day, accidentally got two breakfasts the other morning and we took him to Petco to pick out a toy for his outstanding behavior.

The patient dog gets a new toy!

Our second and third day of skiing at Deer Valley was clear skies and warm temperatures which made for some definite spring skiing.  We spent both mornings enjoying the mountain and then called it quits as it got too warm and went back to Buddy and the Airstream. 

I wasn’t able to do any painting on this trip but I know there is plenty of it coming up.  April/May are going to be a big months of painting for me. I will be heading to San Francisco in late April for the Plein Air Painting Convention.  I am very excited about this opportunity where there will be classes all day long with some pretty amazing teachers and then paint outs in the afternoons around the City.  Right after the convention I will fly back to Boulder and will be one of the juried artist for the Boulder Plein Air Festival.  I will be painting in various locations in Boulder county over that next week and must have 7 completed paintings to turn into the competition.  This will be my first competition so I am very excited and a bit nervous. 

After 3 days in Park City we moved down to Salt Lake City to be closer to Brighton, and Solitude Ski Resorts.  I should mention that one of Ross’ goals is to ski all the different ski resorts on a newer ski pass that was available to us this year.  With the IKON pass we are able to ski at 38 different ski resorts so it has been fun trying out different mountains that neither of us have skied before.  We were able to try out 4 new mountains this year and look forward to next year’s ski journey.

Our ski day at Brighton was only okay.  Conditions were very spring like which didn’t allow for the variety and steepness of skiing that we like.  I think Brighton could be okay with good snow but with the conditions we had it was nothing to write home about.

Fortunately the next day at Solitude was an epic powder day with over 14 inches of fresh snow and very few people.  We skied our little hearts out and had endless powder until our legs gave out.  We had a a good chuckle because one of our sayings to each other on a powder day is “there is no such thing as a wife or husband on a powder day”.  Basically meaning that we aren’t waiting for each other on a fantastic day (but of course we do!).  However today’s saying was “there is no such thing as a dog on a powder day!”  Our little patient Buddy had a wait until later than normal because we just couldn’t stop enjoying ourselves.  The skiing was so fantastic that we decided to stay an extra day since the snow was still falling.  It meant that we had to make a beeline home over the next few days, but the joy of having the Airstream is that we can be somewhat flexible because we always have a place to call home.

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  1. great blog, great dog, looking forward to beers and empanadas with you two this summer to hear some tales
    Kyle & Tami


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