Not so far from Home

Ross and I have been wanting to get out and test the Airstream locally before we go on a longer road trip to make sure that we get some of the wrinkles worked out.  A few plans have been changed due to weather and then finding out that we ordered the wrong Surge protector.  But two nights ago we spent the night at Flatirons Golf Course where Ross works (and given permission) to stay in the parking lot. If you haven’t been there the views are amazing and so beautiful that I spent an afternoon out there plein air painting a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the painting isn’t something that I love, so I won’t be posting it.  The reality is that there are often lots of not so great paintings between the fantastic paintings. I’ll be back out there when it warms up to try again, and maybe we will even camp there another night because the sunrise was amazing.

We hope to be out on the road soon with more exciting adventures and better paintings.  Stay tuned.

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